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Cybersex Addiction – What’s Sex Addiction And How To Cure It?

June 3, 2012 – 10:49 pm

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cybersex addiction presents new proportions in sexual pleasure even as we are in possession of fast usage of just about any type of sexual content you can possibly imagine. It really is become the biggest pornography shop worldwide. Recent surveys advise that you’ll find country wide over 300, 000 men and women dependent on cybersex. A myriad of people devote a lot of time every day lost on earth of pornography, fantasy role-play chat rooms where on-line partners hook up to focus on sexual dreams and fetishes almost instantaneously, live sex in front of webcams, piping-hot adult videos, newsgroups, and unfortunately, child pornography.

On line addictions could be broken in to five distinct categories. Naturally the one which most people are conscious of is Cybersex. A cybersex addiction takes place when an individual is engaged in not only watching but downloading as well as buying and selling on line pornography. This could also include being a the main adult fantasy role play that is carried out chat rooms. This can lead to another type of online addiction. Understand That does not mean you must possess the one to result in the second. But a lot of times they may be connected. There is an addiction to Cyber Relationships.

Intimacy Disorder


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I used to do a lot of chatting in adult

Chat rooms on both yahoo and msn.
At least once a day there would be someone claiming to be under 18. Mostly I just assumed they were either 50 yo men role playing or some sort of cop. Either way,I avoided engaging in conversations with them.
A few times, folks claiming to be underaged sexual partners, I could have met with either of them when they were 15 or 16 without putting any real effort into it...
So yes... there are real underage kids who are looking to have sexual encounters with adults. In addition, I'd guess there are many who aren't actually looking for sexual encounters but can be talked into it, though I have no experience at all in that area.

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While we focus on adult play by post roleplaying here, there is a pretty significant amount of people who are interested in adult chat and writing erotic.

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  • Avatar Where can I find adult role playing chat rooms of a sexual nature?
    May 30, 2010 by | Posted in Other - Yahoo! Products

    Not the 3-D kind but the ones yahoo had in their chat rooms used to have and now its gone..miss it so much fun cuz u could talk to a bunch of people with different anyways does anyone know good places??????

    • I used to play those too a long time ago. I used to run games on the Yahoo chat rooms, and sometimes I would play, when a competent game master would show up. My email is I might be willing to run an adult based RPG assuming that you and I have compatible standards and desires. Jordon

  • Avatar Can someone direct me to an adult oriented role playing chat room?
    Sep 23, 2009 by | Posted in Entertainment

    I have looked at quite a few sites but all I get is java rooms and very dull people that have no idea what creativity is.

    • Yes ,i can help you this is my onlline address am an engeneer, architect,working as a construction manager, making a GAS refinery,single ,living alone,and have a good knowledge off every thing , i hope that i can be helpfull to you nice to meet you see you again ahmad

  • Avatar Web D Any place we can go to adult role play chat since yahoo seems to have shut them down here?
    Jul 30, 2008 by Web D | Posted in Problems with Service

    • You can do pretty much anything you want at '